Jeans Fashion & Care : How to Know Jeans Fit Properly

Jeans Fashion & Care : How to Know Jeans Fit Properly

Finding jeans that fit properly is a difficult task, but with a few guidelines and a tailor it is easier than ever! Learn more about properly fitting jeans w…

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17 Responses to “Jeans Fashion & Care : How to Know Jeans Fit Properly”

  1. maquillaje411 says:

    love her pants. What style brand are they?

  2. charlee charliee says:

    i forund this so helpful thank you so much

  3. bethendra says:

    xcellent tips and advice ty

  4. cupcakeloverism says:


  5. udonandsashimi says:

    love what she did with her cucks.

  6. St. Mary says:

    she looks like alice from twilight!

  7. lex smith says:

    its so hard to find jeans..i have a flat belly and a big booty. its like if
    the butt fits the stomach doesnt. if the sotmach does the butt doesnt. sux.

  8. viva la jazzy luzt says:

    thank you very much

  9. tokyo3457 says:


  10. TheKakuchu says:

    Maybe theyre a lesbian couple.

  11. userdetails1 says:

    No dear muffin tops happen because you are simply too fat. Doesn’t the
    truth hurt?

  12. pinkjoy20 says:

    This is very helpful for me. I will keep that in mind every time I shop for
    jeans from now on. :)

  13. eminemyamapi says:

    u solve all my problems actually, thanks a lot!!!!!!

  14. St. Mary says:

    @MsSoulsurfer1 Me2 I just tried the Levis curve ID skinny jeans in
    “BOLD”(size 5Long) and they’re so bizarre! The waist and hips actually fit
    but it’s like I don’t have enough thighs to fill them out so there’s these
    weird butt wrinkles. they’re long though and thas half the battle.

  15. xbeachparadise says:

    @MsSoulsurfer1 you might need jeans with more stretch so look for jeans
    with material that says ramie, polyester or spandex, it should curve to fit
    your body better than 100% cotton

  16. concreteangelfromgod says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot 1st comment!

  17. kalianna Faust says:

    like yor shoes:)