"Pregnancy-shaming" needs to stop

"Pregnancy-shaming" needs to stop
Be your own fashion police!” adds Silverman, body image specialist at drrobynsilverman.com. According to therapist Mary Jo Rapini (maryjorapini.com), the pressure for women to weigh a certain amount and barely show during pregnancy has never been …
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RunInRunway: Best Splurge Fitness Fashion From Carbon38
… on a Friday night. With higher fashion comes higher price tags, but when you can wear the same jacket to the gym and to grab drinks with the hottie from yoga (checking you out in your fashionable fitness garb) it is all worth it. … Absolutely. I …
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The Stocking-Jean: Fashion's New Hybrid
Remember when jeggings came out, and no one thought a fashion trend could ever be worse? Well, let us introduce you to one that is exponentially more confusing—and hands-down the most disgusting thing to happen in fashion news in 2014 so far.
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